AES Group

We place great value on AES Group being a rewarding place to work, and looking after all members of our staff is of paramount importance. Our goal is to make sure every individual feels valued, looked after and well rewarded for their contribution. And we believe in providing a stimulating environment by encouraging continuous self development of our staff and supporting innovative and creative thinking on all projects.

At AES Group we combine some of the most challenging and inspiring fields to offer our customers first class solutions and our staff varied and exciting careers. Whether it is the ever advancing field of military technology, the cutting edge IT sector or the ever evolving field of healthcare, each day brings new and exciting challenges.

We utilise a variety of technologies to meet these challenges including artificial intelligence, software engineering, web development, interfacing, database design and development, secure communications, plus many more. Feel free to contact us if you would like to develop your IT career further by joining one of our high calibre teams in software development or technical support at our head office in Derby.

We are always interested to hear from engineers with a background in the Armed Forces to join our long established defence operations and which offer exciting engineering challenges working with the latest condition monitoring techniques on a variety of military hardware ranging from some of the latest equipment to more well-established equipment used by our Armed Forces.

Please note: it is company policy not to use recruitment agencies.