Intelligent Pathology System

AES Medical's PathoSys® cellular pathology reporting software has been designed in partnership with consultant pathologists and was the first to be recognised by the Royal College of Pathologists (RCPath). Incorporating the Royal College of Pathologists datasets the system provides standardised reporting and structured data capture facilitating rapid real time audit and the export of structured pathology data to authorised third parties. 

Key benefits 

  • Provides compliance with NHS Cancer Standards for Pathology, Cancer Reform Strategy targets around histology data, and RCPath KPI's around resection reporting.
  • Laboratory system integration - removes the need for double entry of demographic and report data whilst providing report distribution.
  • Pathology Network ready - designed from the ground up to support multiple laboratories facilitating network wide reporting and audit. 
  • Easy to use rapid real time search and audit reversing the (90%/10%) balance of workload to gathering data versus analysing it for clinical audit. 
  • Optional interfacing to cancer tracking/MDTM systems (SCR & Infoflex) allows electronic transfer of structured pathology data.
  • Cancer registration - provides electronic export of structured data and with portal access enables real time download and interrogation.

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