Interfacing and Interoperability

AES Medical has built up extensive experience interfacing and integrating its solutions. Working in collaboration with other Healthcare IT vendors and Healthcare organisations we believe strongly that integration and partnership provides our users with the best end to end solutions.

Our flexible integration methodology aims to:

  • Keep costs manageable - by focusing on the functionality and outcomes required by the integration rather than fixating on the method used.
  • Provide reliability - through using the most appropriate technology.
  • Enable integration where difficult - through novel approaches and building human relationships.

We have achieved interoperability with numerous systems of varying types including:

  • Laboratory
  • Results order and enquiry
  • Scanning systems
  • MDTM systems
  • Cancer registration

Somerset Cancer Register (SCR) Interface

Automating the import of structured electronic pathology data
AES Medical has developed an interface to the Somerset Cancer Register (SCR) system enabling our pathology products to send structured pathology data to the SCR system.
Key benefits 
  • Provides electronic transfer of structured pathology data populating the SCR database.
  • Interface manager utility gives Cancer Services worklists showing:
    • Draft cases - providing a Cancer Services with a view of upcoming workload.
    • Authorised cases - ready to send over the interface.
    • Sent cases - so those sent can be reviewed.
  • XML based configuration allows interfacing to be tailored during implementation to local practices.
  • AES Medical maintenance service support and mapping of data future proofing the interface.
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Infoflex Interface

Automating the import of the National Cancer Dataset Pathology Section
AES Medical in partnership with Chameleon Information Management Services Ltd (CIMS) has specified an interface between PathoSys® and the Infoflex Generic Information Process Modelling Tool.
Key benefits 
  • Interface provides National Cancer Dataset pathology subsection fields.
  • Infoflex automatically patient matches the pathology report to its associated referral.
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ICE Interfacing

The AES Medical interface to the Sunquest (ICE) Integrated Clinical Environment™ enables ICE clinical end users to see fully formatted rendered PDF report documents rather than plain wrapped text output.


The interfacing is performed using HL7 (Health Level Seven) messaging with the wrapped text report output replaced by a link to the original PDF document.

Ward V Interfacing

Path Links developed an electronic results reporting system (Ward V) as an interim replacement for results reporting systems linked to the iSoft iLab laboratory system.


Taking design initiatives from clinical users. Ward V is a very simple and intuitive tool that represents a significant enhancement over previous systems. Ward V is fully operational and in extensive use across both Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Trust and the United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust.


The pathology reporting system PathoSys® at Pathlinks has been linked to Ward V and sends a HTML copy of the clinical histopathology report to Ward V.