Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems


Expert Systems are part of the wider field of Artificial Intelligence. Simply put, an Expert System is problem-solving software which attempts to model the processes humans use to solve problems. Although they cannot match the full range of human abilities they do bring powerful functionality and can make sense of large volumes of data from many different sources.

Expert Decision Support Systems


An Expert Decision Support (EDS) System is a suite of fully integrated computer programs, which assists or advises decision-makers. It includes conventional software applications working in harmony with Expert Systems to solve particular problems, such as identifying potential failure in machinery.

Machine Care Plus® Software Product


The Machine Care Plus® software product is the high-performance Expert Decision Support (EDS) System developed by AES for early failure detection and assessment of the condition and health of machinery. It incorporates all of the features, capabilities and advantages of an Expert Decision Support system in a user-friendly format.

Machine Care Plus® Service


This is the brand name of the AES Early Failure Detection Service. The Machine Care Plus® Service combines the power of the Machine Care Plus® Software Product with the practical experience of field-based Technical Service Engineers. The AES Technical Service Engineers have some 200 man-years of service with the UK`s Armed Forces which includes all three services. Their expert interpretation is vital in the performance of the Machine Care Plus Service.

Early Failure Detection Centre


The Machine Care Plus® Technical Service Engineers are based at the AES Early Failure Detection Centre. This centre of excellence is located near to its customers, ensuring AES engineers maintain a great deal of hands-on contact with the assemblies and systems in their care.